About Finland

In Northern Europe, Finland is a welcoming place filled with opportunities. Its lively capital, Helsinki, is the heart of the country. With 5.5 million friendly residents, Finland has Finnish and Swedish as its official languages. Finland is a parliamentary republic with a representative democracy, making sure everyone’s voice matters. Finland is great at making newcomers feel at home by helping them learn the language, providing job training, and sharing cultural experiences. It’s a country where everyone can be a part of the story.

Why Choose the Finland?

  • Affordable Tuition Fees for International Students
  • Study while working part-time for 30 hours/week
  • Free education for kids below 18 years old in Finland, including foreign nationals
  • First Residence Permit for Studies valid for the entire study duration
  • Employment opportunities and career growth for skilled professionals
  • Bring your family (spouse/common-law partner, child/children)
  • Explore Finland’s pristine nature and breathtaking landscapes
  • Access high-quality healthcare services nationwide
  • Embrace inclusivity and equal rights for all residents
  • Secure living environment with low crime rates

Exchange Rate EUR: Fri, 19 Jul.

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