About Poland

Poland, located in the heart of Central Europe, welcomes tourists and migrants alike with open arms to explore its resilient history, diverse landscapes, and rich culture. Known as the ‘country of heritage and resilience’, Poland offers a blend of tradition and innovation from modern skyscrapers to historic sites that symbolizes their resilience after World War II. With a population exceeding 38 million, the country operates under a democratic government and boasts a robust economy driven by industries like manufacturing, technology, and agriculture. Supported by a friendly, multicultural society, Poland promises opportunities, education, and a new place you can call home. Hej, Dreamers, Poland awaits you!

Why Choose Poland?

  • Poland has a robust economy, offering numerous career opportunities across various sectors: IT, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.
  • Poland offers a relatively low cost of living: affordable housing, transportation, and everyday expenses.
  • Poland is home to reputable universities and educational institutions, offering a wide range of programs taught in English at affordable tuition fees.
  • Poland offers a multicultural environment where individuals can celebrate their traditions while embracing new experiences.
  • Poland provides accessible and high-quality healthcare services, with modern medical facilities, well-trained professionals, and affordable healthcare options.
  • Poland is recognized for its safety and stability, with low crime rates and a strong rule of law, providing a secure environment for families.
  • Poland offers access to a vast market and opportunities for professional growth and career advancement as a member of the European Union.
  • Poland offers stunning natural beauty and cultural attractions, providing migrants with ample opportunities for exploration and leisure activities.
  • Polish people are known for their hospitality, warmth, and friendliness towards newcomers, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for migrants.
  • Poland serves as a gateway to both Eastern and Western European markets, offering strategic advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their presence in the region.

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Bachelor Programs

  • Economics
  • Finances & Accounting with ACCA Accreditation
  • LSBU Management (Double Degree)
  • Management
  • Project Management with PMI GAC Accrediation
  • International Relations
  • Journalism & Social Communications
  • English Studies
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  • Logistics
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  • Architecture
  • Computer Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security

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  • Finances & Accounting with ACCA Accreditation
  • LSBU Management (Double Degree)
  • Management
  • International Relations
  • English Studies
  • Energy Management
  • Computer Engineering